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It can get confusing! Lets face it how many people actually like talking about plumbing or worse yet calling a plumber. How much will it cost? Is it more on evenings or weekends? Why is this faucet only $45.00 and this identical one $165.00.

Tank or Tankless?

Why hire a Plumber when I can do it myself, all the material I need is available at the local hardware or home center store.

Pages of questions can be asked only to be followed by more pages of answers. Plumbing is a science, but not an exact one. Where else can you ask five different people the same question and get five different answers and not one of them wrong. It's no wonder it takes an apprentice at least eight years to become a Master plumber.

B&E Plumbing LLC was started in 2008 with the intention of making a Master plumber available to anyone who wanted a knowledgeable and experience professional that was approachable and affordable. Someone who wouldn't mind spending a some extra time to discuss options and/or alternatives without charging extra so everyone could make an informed decision.

The Service rate is only $56.00 per hour. The first hour is billed complete (including travel) and then the billing is broken down to the quarter hour.

Billing is made upon completion of the work, not weeks later. You see the bill before the plumber leaves so you have a chance to ask questions about any of the work performed.


B&E Plumbing LLC is only one person, Master Plumber Bill Thomas. This means that the person you call to ask a question or set up a time with is the same person who will be at your door.




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